Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Our today stop is an italian product again - from Seneca. Z-8AI is a 8-CH analog input module / RS485. The Z-8AI is used to interface analog inputs (Voltage or current, also with bipolar range) with Modbus system. The modules is able to supply all 8 current loops at the same time, this is very useful for 2-wire sensors because the wiring does not need an external power supply. It’s a ModBUS Slave and can be coupled with any ModBUS Master device. A 3-way galvanic isolation among Power supply // input // RS485 circuits assures the integrity of your datas.You have to be familiar with the Modbus protocol basics at least. Anyways, ask if there is something unclear. You can reach me in the Contacts page!

Description:8-CH analog input module / RS485
Power Supply:10..40 Vdc, 19..28 Vac
Auxiliary Sypply:Up to 8 current loop
Isolation:1.500 Vac
Input:Nr 8-CH voltage / current signal type
Range:±2,5 Vdc, ±5 Vdc, ±10 Vdc, ± 20 mA
Resolution:16 bit
Communication:RS485 2 wires, ModBUS RTU slave protocolo, max 64 nodes
Settings:DIP switch, software

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